Fuente: www.krislewisart.com

Kris Lewis, b. 1978, Ocean County, NJ, is a Los Angeles-based artist whose influences include Alfonse Bougereau, Andrew Wyeth, Hans Holbein, Albrecht Durer, Hieronymus Bosch, Gustav Klimt, and Jules-Bastien LePage. His reverence for masters of old is apparent in his depiction of the human figure, which he uses as a vector for hidden stories, delicate emotion, and finding truth. His affinity for people-watching also informs his paintings, collecting glances, gestures, miens and hints and channeling them through the canvas for the viewer to share in the experience.

Kris studied illustration at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His paintings have been featured in galleries and museums in cities around the world; including L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Denver, Miami, London, Rome and Hong Kong. His work has also been seen in the publications Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, Modern Painters, and American Art Collector. Kris Lewis has been featured in the books Suggestivism, Copro/Nason: A Catalogue Raisonne and Two Faced: The Changing Face of Portraiture.
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