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«I don’t like to follow the crowd.
I like to seduce, with images that are at once disturbing and beautiful,
but leaving a space for the viewer to enter my world.
My portraits combine elements which evoke conflicting
emotions that can surprise the viewer, telling a story that is somewhere
between fantasy and reality, the obvious and the unexpected.»

Vee Speers


Vee Speers was born in Australia and has lived in Paris since 1990. Her timeless portraits have been exhibited and published world-wide and are part of many private and museum collections including the Elton John Collection, Michael Wilson Collection, DZ Bank, Museum 21C Kentucky, George Eastman House, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Clerici Collection Italy. Speers monograph Bordello with a foreword by Karl Lagerfeld is available world-wide, and her second book The Birthday Party was released in October 2008 by Dewi Lewis, UK.

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